Get Your Pondering Caps On


You guys.  I need your opinion.  

So, I’ve made some bread.  I plan on making more bread.  But, as bread is time consuming and full of carbs and I’m pretty round as it is, what if I also showcased other edible noms I make (such as the bacon) on a regular basis?  Would the variation be good, or do you want this blog to stay focused on bread?  Really, any writer knows that AUDIENCE IS ALL, so I need to know what you fine people think.  

Lemme know in the comments!  Gratzi.


6 thoughts on “Get Your Pondering Caps On

  1. I would be interested in and entertained by any thing you write – bread is only the subject – it is the writing that is appealing! I know you will apply your wit and talent to any subject about which you write!

  2. Here’s some things I’d like learn to make the best ever of, that also should make really interesting blog subjects.

    Home made iced tea
    Frozen desserts
    Chicken pot pie

  3. I think this blog should be about whatever you want it to be. Expanding your blog to to think beyond bread is a great idea. After all, it’s about the writing and yummy food right?

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