There is bread in my oven right at this very moment.  BREAD, mind you – not a bun, as that would be a very different kind of post.

Since starting my bread journey in January, I’ve made French Bread, Italian Bread, Beer Bread, Pita Bread, but not the quintessential American loaf.  Not, that is, until now.




I actually wasn’t planning on making sandwich bread, but then James and I were at the store last Friday night, and I said “Should we get some salami?” and James said “Yes, because then you can make me delicious sandwiches.”  and it occurred to me that, unless he wanted meat and cheese between two dish towels or pot holders, I would need to make bread.  We could have cheated and bought a loaf of ‘okay’ sandwich bread for 4 goddamn dollars and some change, but considering I had recently bought a 25 pound bag (or sack? I think that would be a legitimate use of the word ‘sack’) of flour from Costco for just over $7.00, that would have been utterly ridiculous.

Julia Child has a recipe for sandwich bread, so naturally, that’s what’s happening.  That’s how I’ve been spending my afternoon and evening off.  AND THE OVEN TIMER JUST WENT DING SO IMMAGORIGHTNOWAWMIGAWDI’MSOEXCITED.

Full post to follow soon!


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