Somebody Oughta to Listen to Beyonce…

I made French bread last week and I really want to tell you all about it but this week has been nutters, I’m going to be away from my computer Sunday and Monday (my post creation days), and it’s going to need to be a more ornate, long-winded, picture-heavy post.

*heavy sigh* I’m telling you that you have to wait an additional whole week for another recipe.  You’re heart is breaking, I know.  But don’t worry, precious ones, I’ll be back!  Promise that you won’t forget about me.

I’m not going to be home because I’m going to be in Estes Park, Colorado, with my man, where we will be celebrating our FIFTH year together as a couple.   I know you’re wondering why he hasn’t put a ring on it;  I have come to the conclusion that he is crazy.  That is the only acceptable explaination.

I hope all of you people I love in New England are enjoying the massive white dump nature took on you, and I hope all of you people I love who are not in New England are happy you didn’t get dumped on.

I, for one, totally wish nature was dumping on me.  Snow is my element.  We’re both white and squishy and neither one of us look good in bright yellow.


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