Why blog about bread?  Why blog at all?

A few weeks ago (while at my day-job) I was chatting with Linda, a colleague of mine who also happens to be a very talented vocal performer. We were talking about a performance she had taken part in recently and her experiences as a singer in general, and she said “Well you know, it’s my passion. What’s your passion, Ali?”

Now, the word ‘passion’ usually makes me think of the ripped-bodice, heaving-bosom cover of every Harlequin romance novel ever written.  And that was the type of question I might have balked at if asked two weeks earlier (“Uh, napping? I nap passionately?”) but instead I said,

“Writing! Writing is my passion. Actually, I just started a blog. I’ve only got one post so far, but you can read it if you want…” and I pulled it up on her computer screen. A minute later Linda reached over and punched my arm, not in a ‘aiming for your face but missed and hit your arm instead’ way, but in a gentle, good-hearted, ‘oh, you scamp’ way.

“Yeast…” she said, shaking with laughter. “Itchy…”

And I realized then that maybe I spoke too soon, that perhaps writing is only a part of my true ‘passion.’ I find the process of putting words down very enjoyable, sure, but the real joy comes from finding that what I’ve written has made someone (anyone, really) learn something new and chuckle, chortle, cackle or snort once or twice or eight times while they’re at it.

You could say Ali & Bread is a food/recipe blog, but I wish you wouldn’t because, aside from being an excellent source of glistening, greasy food-porn photography, I think most food blogs are booooooring.  Lots try not to be and don’t quite succeed. I am especially tickled when they use a hook like ‘you won’t believe the secret ingredient that keeps this cake so moist!’ and then you click on the recipe and they’re all like ‘Eggs!  Can you believe it?!  EGGS FROM A CHICKEN’S BEHIND!’  When I hear ‘secret ingredient’, I want it to be something shocking or unexpected, like kryptonite or crushed turtle shells or motor oil.  But apple sauce?  Beer?  Sour cream? Ooooh, I’ll make sure to keep my lips sealed!

I realize that was kind of snarky, but it’s that time of the month and THIS IS MY BLOG, DAMN IT.

Most food or recipe blogs are informative and a great learning tool, but not truly entertaining in the slightest.  I want this blog to be informative AND entertaining and also about food, because good people love food (if you don’t love food, we’re not friends.  Go away).  And what’s more comforting and versatile than bread?  Plus, I’m a beginner, which means for great material rife with silly mistakes and assumptions and feelings of ridiculous soaring victory when everything goes right.  I try to write about my experiences with bread in the same tone I would use to talk to my chums* (‘chums’ like buddies, not like buckets of fish guts on Shark Week), so that it’s kind of like you, lovely reader, are in my dirty little Denver kitchen with me, the both of us measuring flour, beating up dough, and shaking our fannies to the mad beatz of Toto and Men at Work.


CHUUUMMMS! I shit you not, this is the face I make every time I see that my number of views has gone up.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you that read Ali & Bread and have taken the time to let me know that you enjoy this blog, both for its entertainment and informative value.   It makes the hours spent putting each post together more than worth it, and ensures that this is a project I will stick with for the foreseeable future.  

So, yes.  Thanks for laughing at me, Chums!  Never thought I would say that, but there it is.


*Chum, chums, chumminess, etc.:  ALL REALLY SUPER WORDS.  You can’t say ‘chum’ out loud without smiling, especially if you prolong the ‘m’ sound at the end.   I’m bringing chummy back.


14 thoughts on “Passionista

  1. Love this blog Ali! I always look forward to reading them, I’m thinking you should open your own bread bakery… Sounds like a good plan to me!! 🙂 I would like for you to move to the Fort Worth, TX area when you open one, that way I can enjoy it. Hehe.

  2. I’m adding another comment because I love it when people comment on my blogs (although it rarely happens), so I am just sharing the blog love. I am glad you are getting your writing out there, Ali. Also, I will totally work in your bakery if you end up doing that!

    • DEEEEEEEB! I’m coming home for a visit in April; I am totally going to show up at your house so I can get my fix of you and your awesome family, and maybe I’ll even have my wifey in tow!

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